Book One: The Web at Dragonfly Pond



The Web at Dragonfly Pond

Author: Brian “Fox” Ellis

Illustrator: Michael S. Maydak

Published by Dawn Publications

Copyright 2006


I would recommend this book for ages 7 and up.  I think that it would fit well in classrooms from second grade to about fifth grade.  I think that in second and third grade it may need to be read as a read aloud due to the content specific and difficult vocabulary, but above that could be read independently by students.  I picked this book for my third grade classroom specifically because we discuss different habitats, life cycles, and food chains in our Science curriculum. 

The Web at Dragonfly Pond is the story of a young boy who goes fishing with his dad.  Along the way they talk and think about all the animals they see and what is going on around them.  It all starts with a mosquito bite.  The boy realizes that the mosquito along with all the other insects and animals in the pond are just doing their job and surviving like they know how.  This book has beautiful word choice and illustrations.

Reader response questions are questions designed to get students to think critically about the text they read.  Using these questions can help facilitate discussion about a book.  They get students thinking and taking different perspectives.  Using a blog to share reader responses can create a non-threatening online discussion that can be accessed at any time. 

Reader response questions for The Web at Dragonfly Pond:

Why do you think the author chose this topic?

What does the title The Web at Dragonfly Pond mean?

The author uses italics when writing some parts of the story.  Why do you think he does this? 

How does this book relate to our Science discussion? (would have had previous discussion about food chains, pond life, etc.)

What connections can you make to the boy in this story?


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