Summer Greetings!

My name is Kim Grocholski.  I am a third grade teacher and pursuing my master’s degree as a literacy specialist.  I hope everyone is having a relaxing, enjoyable summer! I don’t know about you, but I am getting geared up for another fun school year (yes, the school supplies are back in stores).    Over the years, I have developed a love of reading, but I know that sometimes that love (or even like) takes time.  This is especially true for at-risk readers.  That is where this blog comes into play. After reading about student blogging, I think it is such a wonderful resource and tool to both share books with children and to allow students to share their ideas and responses to various texts.  This blog in particular is being created for parents, teachers, and at-risk readers as a resource for getting students, especially at-risk students excited about reading.  I will be providing information about paired/twin texts, reader responses, and I will also be sharing a couple of books to get you started.  Even though this blog is not created for certain students in particular, I think that designing one for students is important and something I will incorporate into the upcoming year.  


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