Twin Texts

Twin texts, also known as paired texts, are a pairing of fiction and nonfiction (informational) texts about the same subject.  These text pairings are used to create interest in a topic and can be used to introduce topics in math, science, and social studies.  In her article, It takes two: Teaching with Twin Texts of fact and fiction, Deanne Camp (2000) states that “pairing fiction and nonfiction books on the same topic, along with interactive class strategies, can boost students’ understanding and enjoyment.”  Some students have a passion for just fiction or just nonfiction.  These pairings can encourage them to read something outside of their comfort zone.  They can also give students different information or perspectives on the same topic. 

There are several activities and strategies you can use while working with twin texts.  Camp suggests a few such as Venn Diagrams, K-W-L, DR-TA, and other graphic organizers.  Depending on the books and the topics, there are several other things that you can do with twin texts. 

Finding twin texts can be difficult and time consuming; however it is worth it to engage students.  When I was trying to find texts for this assignment, I narrowed it down to a topic that we learn about in third grade.  Then I searched for both fiction and nonfiction books about that topic.  The time spent is worth the engagement of students.  


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